Specific Learning Content


Nursing Curriculum Powerpoint File 441 Kb
This is a Powerpoint presentation describing some of the nursing instruction and locations for patient safety content.


Graphic Four-year Curriculum PDF File 16 Kb
This slide shows how and where content will be integrated into the COM curriculum.
Four-year Syllabus: COM Word File 62 Kb
This is an outline of the four-year syllabus for the non-credit S/US required course for all medical students.
Medicine Powerpoint Powerpoint File 1 Mb
This is Dr. Rosenberg’s Powerpoint presentation of the COM longitudinal curriculum.


Patient Safety Content in the College of Pharmacy Powerpoint File 2 Mb
This is an overview Powerpoint that describes the content in courses within the College of Pharmacy
Intro PHA course Word File 70 Kb
This required first-year course includes content addressing quality measurement and improvement and safety and efficacy of drugs.
Legal and Organizational Environment Word File 75 Kb
This second-year core course includes content about legal aspects of pharmacy practice and specific content about medical errors, liability, and systems organization.
Evidence-based Pharmacy Content Word File 56 Kb
The EBP course, which is taught in the third year, includes content about quality and adverse events. This is a list of included content.
Fourth-year Medication Safety Elective PDF File 57 Kb
An overview of the fourth-year elective in Medication Safety
Elective in Medication Safety: Syllabus PDF File 30 Kb
The syllabus for the fourth-year elective in Medication Safety

Public Health and Health Professions

Powerpoint: Curricular Content in PHHP Powerpoint File 131 Kb
This is Dr. Bauer’s Powerpoint describing the patient safety efforts in the College of Public Health and Health Professions.


College of Dentistry Patient Safety Powerpoint File 1 Mb
This Powerpoint presentation describes the COD content in patient safety and future goals for their involvement in the FLC.