Interprofessional Learning in HealthCare (IPLH)

Starting October 2012

IPLH is an interprofessional healthcare course for second year professional students.

The course consists of three half-day sessions that will use team-based learning as a pedagogical method, dividing over 600 students into six rooms of 110 students, and further divided into groups of eight students. Faculty facilitators and content experts from across the Health Science Center will serve as instructional leaders. Content areas, selected by the Strategic Planning Committee for the University of Florida Health Science Center, will include health systems, professional ethics, and health care quality. In order to maintain continuity with the PFF course, most of the small groups will be maintained from the previous year, although new students will be added to each group. Additionally, cases for discussion will be drawn from actual individuals and families that were visited by students during the PFF course during the previous year.

An evaluation scheme to determine the level of interprofessional collaboration as well as knowledge-based outcomes is being developed. Participants will include all second-year students in the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy; the accelerated BSN students from the College of Nursing; all second-year Physician Assistant students; all first-year Masters of Public Health students; and all second-year students in the doctoral program in Physical Therapy and the masters program in Occupational Therapy.