Health Wheel

Applying the Health Information Wheel to Life

The Health Wheel is primarily used as a tool to evaluate and improve health. It reminds us that wellness is an overall balance between many different aspects which make up our lives. If one feels that their overall health is lacking, looking at the Health Wheel can help him or her find an area which may need to be targeted for change. The Health Wheel is a representation of a person's overall health using spokes to convey a number of important aspects of wellness. Individuals can use these aspects and their extensions to help evaluate and improve their overall health and wellness. The Health Wheel used by "Putting Families First" Peer Health Educators at the University of Florida encompasses the eight important categories of emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual, and environmental health. These categories often overlap with one another but can also be seen as exclusive in the overall picture of wellness.

SAMHSA Wellness Wheel