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UF Mass Casualty Incident Simulation Exercise

Published: Jun 30th, 2017

Students in the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) participated in a disaster simulation exercise on June 21, 2017 with members of local emergency responders to practice the skills they […]

UF Putting Families First Receives Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Award

Published: Oct 13th, 2016

UF Health’s Putting Families First (IFH) program, started in 1998 by Richard Davidson, MD, MPH and Rhondda Waddell, PhD, LMSW, has received one of the inaugural Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation […]

Keep it moving

Published: Aug 16th, 2016

How one Gainesville woman keeps rolling, thanks to UF Health’s Putting Families First.  Article written for The UF Post by Morgan Sherburne.

Physical Therapy and Dental Students IPE

Published: May 3rd, 2016

This Spring, the first year dental students worked in the UF Dental Clinics with first and third year Physical Therapy program students to learn about and practice methods to assist dental patients in safe transfers to the dental treatment chair. This session was a real “win-win”.

2016 UF CLARION Competition

Published: Jan 10th, 2016

  Congratulations to this years CLARION team who took 1st place at the National CLARION Case Competition!

Interprofessional Education the Focus of UF’s “Blurred Lines”

Published: Feb 3rd, 2014

Interprofessional education encourages students to cross over health profession boundaries for the sake of the patient.

Dr. Amy Blue Joins Interprofessional Education

Published: Dec 3rd, 2013

Amy V. Blue, Ph.D., has been named Associate Vice President for Interprofessional Education in the UF Health Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs.

UF IPE Students

The Dream Team

Published: Oct 5th, 2011

Richard Davidson, M.D., M.P.H., sees the future of health science education sort of like a roadmap.

Every student in every HSC college is on a specific road. Sometimes these paths intersect. Sometimes they veer off into their own direction. But in the same way many roads converge on a city on the map, eventually, many of those paths will take students to the same place — around a bed, taking care of a sick patient.

Collaboration in Progress

Published: Oct 5th, 2011

“We all have different perspectives and different things we have learned,” Malo says. “I never would have thought to ask the questions they have asked. It has definitely helped us collaborate better.”

IFH Students and Families Work Together

Published: Oct 5th, 2011

“Let me advise you,” Vickers says, looking toward the three students sitting around her kitchen table on an overcast Sunday afternoon in January. “Save your correspondence because it will be like a journal of your life.”