Physical Therapy and Dental Students IPE

PT and Dental Students Working Together
PT and Dental Students Working Together

This Spring, first year dental students worked in the UF Dental Clinics with first and third year Physical Therapy program students. The students learned about and practiced methods to assist dental patients in safe transfers to the dental treatment chair. This session was a real “win-win”.

In order to improve access to dental care, it is important for dentists to understand how to provide support for their patients with assistive devices like wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.

Effective professional communication is an essential component of physical therapy practice and Physical Therapy students need to have opportunities to educate and communicate with other health care professionals.

In this educational experience, the dental students learned and practiced supporting patients and the Physical Therapy students practiced their educational and communication skills with other professionals.

A great example of Gator Interprofessional education.